Conference programme

Content stays key during WE ARE REAL ESTATE! 
Content remains very important and the various partners have already started to prepare the content programme. One of these partners is KU Leuven Vastgoedkunde, which will again organise a number of Real Estate Pitches.

Two days of short and to the point presentations, all following the same outline, alternating with keynote speeches and debates per day. This extensive programme enables visitors to learn a lot in a short time and invest in their professional career.

"We Are Real Estate:
The real estate fair where content and quality prevail."

Exhibitor presentations

All exhibitors will be obliged to present a hot real estate topic they’ve had to deal with in a short 15' presentation. This is part of the 'learning' philosophy for the show. 

Share knowlegde, vision and content

WE ARE REAL ESTATE invites property specialists to come and share their knowledge, vision and content.
The fair will be alcohol-free until 4pm during the presentations and keynote sessions. Networking starts at 4pm. Investing all day long!